Omnisphere is a powerful synth plugin that is widely popular within the music production industry. It features a large array of sounds sampled from a wide variety of instruments. These include drums, bells, chimes, ethnic instruments, and synths.

Omnisphere: All About Simultaneity

Omnisphere is an extremely versatile plugin that contains several effect units. More importantly, you can pair them with specific tunes to increase their sound quality. When this happens, users can add any given sound to their mixes with no additional setbacks. Artists and producers have access to an extraordinary sound library organized in a unique way. In addition, they have access to a library of EDM patches, circuit-bent tones, and psychoacoustic effects.

This synth plugin that allows producers to use several sounds at the same time. Moreover, users can then later them and edit them with easy-to-use tools. Additionally to layering sounds, users can later wave, square, saw, and sine. All in all, this flexible plugin is MIDI compatible with several controllers and keyboards. 

The Latest Version of Omnisphere

The latest version of Omnisphere features several new patches, many arpeggiator upgrades, as well as a better hardware synth integration. Also, it includes the possibility to access deeper synthesis levels and some new synth engines. Furthermore, it has a huge library of sounds and endless options that inspire users to create original sounds. In particular, Omnisphere has an amazing high-resolution interface that provides users with a better workflow. It offers unbelievable synthesis tools for inspiration. In other words, musicians can easily borrow effects to craft amazing masterpieces and enhance their own unique sounds. 


In conclusion, Omnisphere is an amazing synth plugin with high-quality patches that mimic original sounds. Overall, it is a great plugin that offers unlimited possibilities. It is easy-to-use and it offers tools for easy editing: it is extremely versatile and complete. Plus, you can use it with both iOS and Windows.