Pre TridA

music production knowledge

Arturia brings to us a preamp and EQ software plug-in that has been meticulously modelled and crafted after the famous pop music hardware unit that for decades has been prized as a rare musical unit, The Pre TridA. This is Arturia’s modelled creation behind the legendary Trident A-Range Preamp and EQ.

The original hardware unit was used in the Trident Studios in London, with iconic pop artists like The Beatles, David Bowie, Elton John, The Bee Gees, The Rolling Stones, and more, the list goes on and on. This unit became so popular because if it’s fabulous EQ that was full of rich tones and its subtle sound character, which made its signature and legacy that has been carried out until this day.

When talking about modern and vintage preamps, the modern preamps tend to process sound in a neutral and transparent way which is ok, vintage preamps before the digital era was here, use to give a slight distortion and a sonic character that was unique to each hardware unit. Vintage preamps apply their own sonic footprint to sound and can be used in many creative ways. It may be difficult for new producers and sound engineers to understand how important is a subtle sound-shaping preamp and what it can do to shape the sound.

It is a glorious thing to have the ability to have this plug-in today and to use it with your DAW. This plug-in was not just only created to sound like the original vintage hardware, this software plug-in by Arturia is a virtual replica of the actual hardware console. With the Pre TridA, you will get to enjoy the real subtle nuances and the delicate sound character from the original hardware that has been the pinnacle hardware unit for some of the biggest music producers and engineers for over 50 years. Besides what we have just mentioned, keep in mind that there are also modern features to enhance your productions even more. Use the 4 band twin channel equaliser that is fantastically musical, the Low and High Pass Filters and have control over tonal flavour with the Input Gain and more.

Image: Arturia