SubBass Doctor 808

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SubBass Doctor 808 is a great plug-in tool that filters unwanted frequencies and keeps the low-end basses that you want. SubBass Doctor gives you the tools to take control over your low frequencies and get the best out of them. With it, you’ll get those pumping subs that make your body shake. Controlling low frequencies is not an easy task. Without the proper instruments, or if you are not mixing in the right room, this task can almost become impossible. Mixing while travelling or if your music production room is not right it can become a tedious task, use SubBass to get this right.

SubBass Doctor 808 gives you full control of your mixes

If you are not in control of your subs they can become hard to mix, and if the environment is not right, their sound might be lost. If you don’t treat your sub frequencies right during your mix, you might even damage or destroy audio systems. The SubBass Doctor 808 is right for you if you do not have the perfect acoustic environment or the right monitor speakers. Furthermore, if you are a nomad producer, this plug-in can give you control over your sub frequencies.

With parallel saturation, SubBass Doctor adds warmth to hep accentuate low frequencies with a pleasant help. Designed mainly to treat synth bass and drums SubBass Doctor also can treat other instruments that can reach a low frequency like some string instruments. This plug-in provides great audio quality and uses intern 64-bit audio processing by handling any sample rate. Its the smart bypass ensures that unwanted clicks and sounds are gone with the help of an automated parameter. This plug-in you requires a computer with Windows 8/10 or a Mac computer with macOS 10.10 or newer. It is VST/AU/AXX compatible.

Image: ADSR