Syntorus 2

music production knowledge

The Syntorus is a triple path analogue chorus plug-in designed and created by D16. This new addition to the silver line of D16 plugins is a creative effects interface that resembles famous classic synthesisers like the acclaimed Juno. The Synttorus 2 mimics truly authentic analogue sound found in retro hardware and is comprised of several features that make it much more interesting than other effect plug-ins. The classic chorus effect is born when you mix and audio signal with another signal that has been delayed and pitch modulates into copies of itself. This means that the most essential part of chorus has to be Delay, and with this D16 created a high-quality BBD that gives you emulated warmth and a great musical sound.

The unit has three onboard LFO generators that give you flexible modulation sources that can be routed in different delay line of switchable topologies. Phase offset can be adjusted independently with time-locked host syn to broaden your creative possibilities. With filter and tremolo, you can get the chance to simulate Doppler effects and to add and craft dynamic sounds that are particular to use in keyboards and guitars. With a complete synchronization, each LFO can be synced to the DAW host independently making it easy to set it up with musical note values at whatever tempo you are working on your project.

The phase is also synched to the play-head position that is set within the project that you are working on making it handy to ensure that the chorus your playing always will sound as it should wherever you place it in your timeline. Syntrorus 2’s unique analogue sound will enrich any sound or instrument you route through it by bringing life and movement to leads and bass synths, as well as giving great depth to acoustic instruments.

Image: D16