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Tekturon by D16 is a multi-tap sequenced delay effect plug-in that has 16 high-quality delay lines, that are independent by the way. Its unique topology makes it a delay matrix with arranged taps that make it extra special. In truth, Tekuron can’t be thought of as a tap delay within the strictest sense, but more of a grouping of taps similarly deferred from each other. Working with the plugin emphatically takes after employing a step sequencer. This may be a bizarre plan ought to grant your inventiveness fair the kick it needs!

Tekturon. Tekturon. Tekturooooon!

Motivated by Ergonomics each and every viewpoint of the plugin’s workflow is displayed in an outwardly clear and natural way. This allows for speedy and exact control of each aspect of the gadget. Furthermore, it has the capacity to effortlessly tame all 16 delay lines it contains with global controls. The capacity to get a handle on the whole format with negligible exertion permits you to attain the foremost complex sound that comes about with exceptional speed. Fully-featured delay lines In spite of the forced, settled topology, each of the 16 delay lines has its autonomous set of parameters giving total control over the delay loops, stereo spread, panning and post tap multi-mode filter.

In spite of its externally straightforward appearance, within the right hands, Tekturon can be a really capable production instrument, undoubtedly! Quick-access mute buttons! You’ll certainly appreciate these for live execution circumstances. Other features are helpfully set, continuously available, and MIDI-assignable mute buttons for specifically stifling person delay lines. Fortify your arrangements, bring a few life to your generation, and have great fun. Two-tiered Control Tekturon gives the capacity to control a few viewpoints of the handling all-inclusive or locally (independently per delay line). Consequently, it makes it conceivable to apply both fine-grained and helpful, one-knob control over your music productions or performances.

Image: D16