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Neo by UJAM is a superb and futuristic multi-effects plug-in that sets a new standard for sound exploration. With great features and a load of 50 curated sound-designed effect configurations, this plug-in must be in your plug-in library. Built from 27 distinctive algorithms NEO is an effects machine that will give you hands-on sonic escapes for your music production projects. NEO stands for the forward-thinking and strong sound creation and exploration, that’s precisely what this plug-in is. It’s the new boy in town, and a sheer unending source of motivation for advanced, epic, action-packed and exciting sound impacts.

The plug-in comes with 50 carefully sound-designed effects setups built from 27 diverse configurations. From Grain Pitch to Multiband powerful distortion, from straightforward Stereo Delays to Convolution. Three large scale knobs grant you full control without the bother. Change and automate the effect control for musically dazzling sonic shifts, and alter the variation and ambience to form each sounding effect to your preference. UJAM makes the difference and centres on the vital things, your sound.

The interface is kept greatly straightforward to motivate sound plan but without migraines. There’s no complicated setup, no tons of handles and buttons. So, without a learning bend or sound originator information, it is extraordinary for performers, makers, and podcasters. You fair flip through the ready-made Modes and appreciate the foremost straightforward and delightful sound-design process that is given to you. Take the chance to realise the pressure of not knowing what is going on, let your instructs be your guidance and focus on your tracks. Make your sound much more interesting, tougher, bigger, punchier or chance them completely, the great thing about NEO and the way UJAM has created the interface will help you stay in tune with the creative process which is the top priority.

Image: UJAM