The Sauce

music production knowledge

The Souce by Dj Swivel is a superb creative plug-in that will aid you in creating dramatic vocal manipulations for your music productions. This plug-in will give you the tools you need to transform your vocal tracks in a particular way with one single plug-in and not with a great load of tweaking and manipulating. The Souce is a simple plug-in that is focused on processing vocals, but it is also ready to process drums and other instruments that come to mind by adding curious colouring and sonic manipulation.

Add flavour with The Souce by sculpting and shifting the pitch on both mono and polyphonic audio in real-time. These great effects are commonly utilized to control vocals, giving that “vocal chop” sound listened to in endless Dance, Pop and Hip-Hop hits. But on the off chance that you’re feeling bold attempt it on drums, you might be surprised. We guess every source needs some sugar or spice, maybe a combination of the booth, so add it to your choice of harmonic saturation or overdrive with these knows. Perhaps a little chorus or flanger will get you what you need. Utilize two parallel compressor alternatives in Squeeze mode to tame or forcefully press your input signal.

The two compressor alternatives can too be bolstered by a sidechain input. With Smoke mode, include a small amount of air with 3 diverse convolution reverb alternatives, all displayed after a few of DJ Swivel’s top picks from both past and the present. A little room, a medium plate, or a huge hall effect. The knob is treated as a blend handle permitting a complete wet signal, empowering The Sauce to be utilized as an FX return. Drip features is a classic modern-day and echo modulation module that has high and low pass filters with a ping pong option to add to the source.

Image: DJ Swivel