Spooky Piano

music production knowledge

Spooky Piano by Genera Studios Software is a Kontakt Piano Instruments that have been created by making convolution IR responses the have come out of notes from a synthesized piano to then passed through noise to create an awesome atmospheric piano sound. As a second set of sounds, the first tests were at that point fed through immersion and reverb to form an even more climatic sound. As the third set of sounds, a single test is mapped over the console to make spooky artefacts that include extra transitory elements to the instrument.

This plug-in has been designed to be a graphical interface, It can be partitioned into two categories, local and global. The nearby parameters are made up of 2 XY Pads so that you can graphically put the instrument in both space and frequency. The global parameters are made up of conventional sliders. A moment selected page gives arpeggiator controls. to play down the sum of knobs and sliders without losing any control. The bulk of the UI is made up of 2 XY pads, each containing the 3 interesting sounds. You can drag around the sounds on the Volume / Pan Pad to position the instrument in space and after that drag the sounds on the Cutoff / Immersion Cushion to position the instrument in recurrence substance. The remaining sliders control the worldwide parameters of the instrument in a more conventional way.

Spooky Piano includes a second tab on the GUI that gives you access to an arpeggiator. This is often a stock NI preset arpeggiator, but it gives you access to a totally diverse way to play the instrument. A great mode is random, with the rate set to high speeds, this makes a whirlwind of notes around anything chord or bunches of notes you’re playing. The plug-in comes with 16 presets with a drop down menu and tabs you will be ready to go in no time.

Image: Genera Studios Software