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Hexcel by ADSR is a hex-based MIDI Generator and MIDI sequencer that is based on a harmonic table that is designed with the focus on creating semi-random patterns depending on what you input the interface. With this plug-in, you will have exact control over the amount of complete randomness on any given sequence on any synth that can take a MIDI input. Most portion of Hexcel’s interface comprises a hexagonal layout, utilizing the consonant table. Each cell inside the grid can be set to one of a few functionalities.

Green cells create ‘active nodes’ in one of a few ways that can be, either upon beginning the MIDI clock, or at a user-specified rhythm, or activated specifically by the client squeezing a button. Dynamic hubs are created with a heading, and they travel over the hexagonal framework in that direction. Yellow cells are utilized to trigger MIDI notes. Each cell encompasses a MIDI note that it is related with, which note will play at whatever point a dynamic hub comes into contact with a cell that has been set to yellow. Orange cells are utilized to switch the heading of any dynamic hub that crosses it. Red cells erase any dynamic hub that comes into contact with it.

Dark hubs can be utilized to re-direct dynamic hubs in a randomized mould. Each cell has 6 buttons encompassing it, meaning that these can be turned on or off by clicking on the external location of the hexagon. A dim cell with all of its buttons turned off will do nothing. These are in this manner very flexible as they can be utilized to naturally re-direct any dynamic hub into a wanted course.

Finally, there are a few controls on the right-hand side of the screen that permits the client to control the speed that the sequencer runs at, how regularly unused dynamic hubs are produced from Green cells, and so on. The clear button at the foot permits the client to erase all dynamic hubs in case things get as well chaotic. As a MIDI generator, Hexcel does not make a sound on its own.

Image: ADSR