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Akai MPC One Retro Edition

The new MPC One Retro gives us the cutting edge standalone workflow of MPC with the great gens of the incredible MPC 60, MPC 3000 and MPC 2000 drum machines, conveying a really immortal music generation involvement. The MPC has continuously been a significant portion of modern music-making. Test and pattern-based music generation have formed…
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Thesys designed and created by Sugar Bytes is a versatile MIDI-controlled step-sequencer plug-in. This MIDI sequencer will give you control over all aspects of whatever MIDI device you connect to it. With it you can create superb bass lines, pulsating chords, leads and a whole bunch of organic pad sounds that will make you grin,…
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Hexcel by ADSR is a hex-based MIDI Generator and MIDI sequencer that is based on a harmonic table that is designed with the focus on creating semi-random patterns depending on what you input the interface. With this plug-in, you will have exact control over the amount of complete randomness on any given sequence on any…
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