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Thesys designed and created by Sugar Bytes is a versatile MIDI-controlled step-sequencer plug-in. This MIDI sequencer will give you control over all aspects of whatever MIDI device you connect to it. With it you can create superb bass lines, pulsating chords, leads and a whole bunch of organic pad sounds that will make you grin, all from the comfort of your home studio or to play on ​stage. Step Sequencers are an alluring concept. Machines making music. Who seems way better wakeful the genie within the machine than Thesys, the drawing board for step-based music creation? A refined Randomizer is prepared, anything the current circumstance, to change the existing material or to bring an unused approach on to any musical project.

With pitch, the sequences can basically be painted, but with the irregular generator and the mutate function you’ll be able to effortlessly produce patterns on the fly. Or record the pitch straight from your MIDI keyboard. The inner synthesizer saves you long wiring sessions so you’ll begin straight away. Start by setting the root note. When utilizing the scales, no out-of-key note will slip through your fingers. Below the pitch lane, you’ll see the Velocity and Gate Sequencer controlling each note’s length. It’s in these best three sections that you’ll spend the foremost of your time, programming riffs and arpeggios, at that point assigning them to designs.

Up to sixteen full patterns can be made inside a single project. They can be sequenced inside the Design Sequencer or activated by means of the Keyboard, where the complete length of the keyboard is utilized to transpose the current design. Switch to “Performance” and the console is part into 3 zones: Pattern Select, Action Section and a Run for pitch transposing. No other MIDI sequencer offers you the ease and control of Thesys. It is 100% MIDI compliant – the extreme MIDI sequencing arrangement. Utilize Thesys on your iPad to control different apps.

Image: Sugar Bytes