Timeless 3

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Timeless 3 by FabFilter is a versatile vintage sound tape delay plug-in that fulfills most delay needs. With its special impacts, filters, tap patterns, and balance alternatives your creativity will be boundless. All in all, this sound machine brings a large array of possibilities to your mixes. Its focus on vintage sounds will let you play around and create music that sounds innovative and timeless.

Timeless 3 boasts timeless perks

The stereo delay flag is filtered through five unique impacts and up to six analogue sound channels. These channels then filter back the delay to the input with flexible criticism. You can program your delays with ease by using the user-friendly controls and intuitive delay and channel shows. In addition, you can easily configure ducking, wow, and ripple effects with Timeless’ accessible and flexible framework. Making unused balance associations is as simple as drag-and-drop the bits you want to use onto your mix.

Furthermore, Timeless 3 gives you get the usual FabFilter treats: flawlessly tuned handles, MIDI Learn, Keen Parameter Addition amongst others. These features guarantee smooth parameter moves, and intuitive assistance clues, CPU optimization, and much more. Some of the key highlights included in this plug-in are: Completely overhauled, exceedingly disentangled interface, with a simple workflow and modern balance motor, Discretionary Drive, Lo-Fi, Diffuse, Elements and Pitch effects to imaginatively colour the feedbacked delay sound. Up to 6 filters, which can be either the first, vintage LP/HP/BP channels or Bell/Shelving/Notch EQ channels and Progressed the sound quality of in general input, the channels, and inner immersion.

Create backups of you Master Devices equipment control surfaces Interactive MIDI Learn Extensive offer assistance record with intelligently offer assistance hints Unique per-component presets for tweak sources and tap designs. Unending balance choices, with all the 16-step XLFOs, XY controllers, envelope generators, envelope devotees and MIDI sources you’ll ever require.

Image: FabFilter