XILS 201 Vocoder


XILS 201 Vocoder by XILS Lab is a grand vocoder that has 18 filter banks with added features and filters, making it a must-have tool in your music production plug-in library. The X201 Vocoder was modelled after an ultra-rare, super special Vocoder unit, whose comprehensible has never been surpassed. It’s the lost connection link between specialists like Kraftwerk, Herbie Hancock, Frank Farian and more.

There are two filter banks that offer 20 recurrence groups. Each Channel Bank can prepare the approaching signal (Ordinarily voice, but any other flag, counting drums, can be prepared), or the CARRIER signal. As a comparison, the Roland VP-330 as it was had 10 recurrence groups, with a really melodic sound, at the cost of much less clarity. You’ll be able to utilize the inner analogue Synthesizer as a carrier, which promptly gives the X201 its characteristic and unmistakable sound. Any other approaching flag can moreover be utilized, like an outside Synthesizer, another voice etc.

The silence bridging is an extraordinary title that has a Multiband frequency-dependent Envelope Follower engine, which can shape the signal pick up concurring to its consonant substance. It’s exceptionally valuable for handling percussive or rhythmic sonic material or form to the sound. The plug-in works like this, You record your voice, even without really singing, at that point select the inner synth as the Carrier. At that point, you send Midi notes to the Carrier to form your voice sing those notes, simple right? This emulated version makes it a much more versatile unit thanks to the exposed internal circuitry that was not originally available on the vintage hardware unit.

Use the X201 as a filter unit with phaser, delay, reverb and more and discover an organic vintage sound that can add so much flavour to your music productions.

Image: XILS Lab