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XILS Dees by XILS Lab is a De-Esser plug-in that cleans your voice tracks and recordings in a simple and easy way. With XILS Dees you will be able to get clean and professional vocals without sacrificing their character. Whether you need to polish your enthusiastic vocals, clean up your recordings for a podcast, corporate film or video production, this plug-in is your best option. Turn a beginning commentator into a witty speaker, tailor a voice to a sound project or melodic stage. Regardless of your needs, XILS DeeS will give you the best results.

XILS Dees polishes your mixes

DeeS splits the signal into two autonomous channels (Location Step): The Voice (Short Sibilants) and the Only. In other words, each channel has its possess EQ. The Discovery module lets you discover the correct Voice recurrence run. You’ll prepare to evacuate the sibilants and indicate the quality (speed) of the handling like a pro. Furthermore, you’ll be able to select the cutoff recurrence between Voices and Sibilants. To do this, select the sum of lessening and the quality of the “de-essing” (how the result will be smoothed and moderate or unpleasant and quick). Aditionally discover the right spot for plosives, creating a much better sibilant.

The inside of XILS Dees calculation permits you to balance with distinctive settings and the two-part signals ( The voice, and the Sibilant ): Each « Channel » has its claim EQ. This comes about in a straightforward and flexible sound process! Even better, XILS Dees includes EQs, Moo Pass 6 and 12db, Chime and Tall Rack. These features imitate analogue conduct within the high recurrence extend (zero-delay channels). The standard computerized antiques and inactivity brought by the inside delay have been completely removed. Furthermore, this basic organization is clear to set up, understand and work with.

Image: XILS Lab