PX P10 Analogue Synth


One of the sweetest sounding and most persuasive analogue synths and capable instrument whose heredity made a different shape the sound of music and music for the film throughout the ’80s and beyond. Created as the primary fully-programmable polyphonic synthesizer with preset capacity, this version 10 was the first model of what would end up the legendary adaptation 5, debuting in 1978 and revolutionizing the synthesizer world. It was as it were 3 a long time afterwards, in 1981, that the more complex form 10 would see commercial release.

Two versions 5 synths rolled into one dual-keybed creature synthesizer, form 10 worn 2 oscillators, a white noise source, and a thunderous low-pass channel per-voice. Depending on mode it might work as two discrete 5-voice consoles, a single 10-voice console, a single 5-voice 4-VCO “multiplied” mode permitting sweet stacked harmony sounds or an alternate mode where ensuing notes would switch between the settings of the two 5-voice consoles. Few of these monsters were created, and due to their sheer measure and complexity, exceptionally few survived. A really notorious instrument from aesthetics and highlights to sound quality, this synth could be a pearl with an ageless sound and enduring legacy.

Given the history of this famous hardware piece and the specific gravity of this adaptation 10, UVI saved no cost within the creation of PX P10. The restoration was the foremost troublesome and time expending UVI has undertaken, but brought about in an impeccably useful instrument with a gorgeous sound that interprets straightforwardly through to the ultimate presets. From vintage-style to modern wave, they have outlined a colossal selection of sounds capturing vibes from ’80s classics, present-day genre, soundtracks and more. Everything was broadly multi-sampled counting the crude waveforms both with and without harmony permitting you to empower veritable equipment 4-VCO stacking on any sound within the library, and not at all like the equipment, these can all be played polyphonically, constrained as it were by your computer.

Image: UVI