Steinberg VST Connect Pro

VST Connect Pro lets you grow your studio from its physical area to cover the entire world. It allows any performer with a computer, a web interface and the free VST connect Performer app to be recorded coordinate on your studio DAW, indeed in the event that they are on a distinctive continent because VST Interface Pro makes remove insignificant. Not as it were that, but you’ll be able to see and converse with each other, whereas the maker has full control over the recording session at both closes of the association, counting prompt blend and talkback level.

No matter where the performer is, record remotely in genuine time and the uncompressed sound records are stacked consequently within the background. You never ought to stress almost the web association — all VST Interface Performer HD recordings are spared on the musician’s nearby difficult drive and can be reloaded into VST Interface Pro at any time. And you don’t have to be stressed almost security, as the interesting information encryption framework makes beyond any doubt that your work will continuously remain yours.

VST Interface Pro permits you to record MIDI and sound information live from a VST instrument stacked into VST Interface Entertainer, anyplace within the world. The craftsman can indeed interface a MIDI controller, taking off the session admin to record the approaching MIDI data directly in Cubase, at the side of the sound stream from the VST instrument. It moreover works both ways – send MIDI information from your Cubase extend, through VST Connect, to any MIDI consistent instrument or VST instrument associated with an inaccessible occasion of VST Interface Entertainer and record the approaching sound signal.

VST Interface Pro 5.5 is your inaccessible ADR centrepiece for recording voice ability and Foley, effectively and cost-effectively, from for all intents and purposes anyplace within the world. A perfect complement to Nuendo’s coordinates, location-based ADR framework, VST Interface Master 5.5 consolidates an ADR toolset that satisfies the most elevated requests of the voice performing artist, counting lip-syncing video playback, swipes and counter capacities, inciting highlights and more.

Image: Steinberg