Finding a place to make high-quality band or rig recordings just got a whole lot easier with the UR44C. It facilitates recording with its many tools. The UR44C comes in a travel-friendly package, so anywhere is now your recording studio. It features multiple high-quality inputs/outputs, pro-grade components, DSP shocks, and adaptable use with a computer or iOS device. Rally your peers to create music of remarkable quality with the UR44C. This is a rugged and convenient audio interface that features customizable inputs and professional-grade 32-bit/192kHz recording quality.

UR44C is a pocket-sized wonder

Four state-of-the-art D-PRE receiver preamps will capture your voice and acoustic disobedience in stunning detail. Meanwhile Hi-Z and Line inputs, plus MIDI In/Out, let you record a full stack, capturing that special vibe. The UR44C is the key to creating incredible beats together. It comes with two self-contained headphone performances, latency-free observation with shocks, and the included Cubase AI recording program.

Studio time is costly, as all groups know, but with the UR44C you’ll record in your practice space, on arrange and without a doubt anyplace, whereas not compromising on sound quality. Its rough but compact, lightweight development cruel it can be taken anyplace and you’ll be able to utilize it with both Windows/Macintosh computers and iOS gadgets. It can indeed be fueled by an iPad Professional or a pocket-sized USB control pack. With onboard DSP impacts and a bounty of outputs for re-amping, it’s your ideal versatile accomplice for recording on area, at that point blending somewhere else.

The UR44C may be an awesome onstage accomplice. As well as its rugged, road-ready development and high-quality, solid execution, you’ll utilize its different yields for press and backing tracks. Mix your live input, through the UR44C’s mic, Hi-Z and line inputs, with playback from the included Cubase AI, another DAW or an iOS recording app and utilize the MIDI In/Out to consolidate a wide range of equipment and trigger sounds from your VST instruments. It all implies you’ll provide a full execution, no matter on the off chance that you’re a solo craftsman or the part of the band making beyond any doubt that all backing tracks are played dependably.

Image: Steinberg