Vermona Random Rhythm

The Vermona Random Rhythm module is a little bit like Frankenstein’s beast: heartily built with an enthusiastic soul but too, good-looking. Made in collaboration with German-based Vermona, whose melodic legacy creating intensifiers and organs dates back decades, Random Rhythm is a demanding demonstration of the first random-based, dual-channel trigger sequencer hardware. Concocted particularly for Measured, Random Rhythm lets creative energy off-leash while keeping up full control over what’s being sequenced. It says irregular within the title, but there’s a strategy to the franticness.

The Softube + Vermona Random Rhythm module is a random-based dual-channel trigger sequencer with an altogether novel approach. It gives you two beat segments with four sliders per cadence area. The sliders compare to the note-values quarters, eighths, sixteenths, and triplet notes and are utilized to impact the likelihood that they will show up at each step within the created design. What utilized to be a chore, programming complex designs, is presently an agreeable and creative errand.

With Random Rhythm you’ll be able to work either the beat area of the module in real-time or dice mode. Set it to real-time and the module ceaselessly produces irregular values for each note esteem. In dice mode, the module creates arbitrary values for a total 3/4- or 4/4-bar. It does not add up to obscure, in spite of the fact that. In either setting, the sliders still have specialists over the coming about the arrangement. Don’t let the title trick you, Random Rhythm can be exact when it has to be. Utilize it as a device to create or duplicate clocks with person outs for the quarters, eighths, sixteenths, and triplets. The Reset Input permits you to quiet the yields or restart your diced bar. Accuracy is critical, but fun rules are Random Rhythm.

Image: Softube