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For cinematic scoring, for expressive, intelligent, advanced electronic music, for video diversion and showy soundscaping… a one-off synth can make a one-off temperament. How frequently have you looked at your regular workhorse synth with its million billion choices, and thought, “nothing here sounds very right!”? Parallels have 97 one of a kind sources, each with…
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Arkhis by Native Instruments

Arkhis, by Native Instruments, is a software instrument for scoring modern orchestral soundtracks with the objective to bring your scenes and tracks to life. With it, you can apply the final polish that can give to your video productions or track an interesting break of cinematic dealing. Built in collaboration with orchestral tools, it includes…
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The Protovault

The composer of the famous television series Stranger Things, Michael Stein, and producer Protovolt, have compiled their fantastic sounding and award-winning sounds in a new production service available to use on Ableton Live and Logic Pro digital workstations. If you’re a fan of atmospheric synth sounds and dreamy cinematic arrangements, then this is something that…
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