The Protovault

music production

The composer of the famous television series Stranger things Michael Stein and producer Protovolt have compiled their fantastic sounding and award-winning sounds in a new production service that is available to use on Ableton Live and Logic pro digital workstations. If you are a fan of atmospheric synth sounds and dreamy cinematic arrangements then this is something that might interest you giving it will only be available for a limited time. There will be three different series available that will be rotated monthly making the collection available only for 30 days. If cinematic themes and classic action films from the 80s is your cup of tea, then keep reading.

The Protovault collaborative collection will host 25 multi-sampled instruments, a drum kit and effects pack that promise to be absolutely interesting. They are rumours that an artist series will also be featured with special collaborations that craft instrument packs based on their particular and signature sounds. This particular artists project will be a tribute to iconic composers, musicians and artist with their particular and famous sounds that will be instantly recognized. This will be fantastic giving that you will no have some great inspiration material to nourish your music production journey.

But first, in line we will have the “Synth Lords” forum, this will be a platform for the synth fanatics and enthusiast where there will be everything related to synthesizers. On the platform, it is said that you will be able to find exclusive content, events and giveaways all related to the synth mania. If you go to theprotovault webpage right know, you will find the Action Rewind Vol 1 for both Ableton and Logic at $39 USD. So head on there if your interested in the first series that will be available for only 30 days with limited instrument series.

Image: Fact Mag