LPK25 Wireless by Akai

music production hardware

The LPK25 wireless, by Akay, is a battery-supplied Bluetooth MIDI keyboard controller that is both versatile and functional. And not only that: it’s also portable. In other words, it’s perfect for the nomad music producer and performer, taking mobility to another level. It does so thanks to its design, size, and features. With this controller keyboard, you’ll be able to control plugin instruments at a distance in your studio thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity. As an FIY, is power comes from three double-A batteries that last up t 72 hours of continuous use (with a fresh set of batteries). However, if you don’t have batteries, you can connect it with an included USB cable. Beau-ti-ful.

LPK25 Wireless: Features

The LPK25 Wireless is pretty expressive with is 25 note keybed. These are responsive and good enough even for experienced players. Moreover, you’ll find an octave up and down buttons to switch through ranges. Also, there’s a powerful arpeggiator mode that forms chords into fantastic phrases. And, if you want a little more expression, the LPK has a sustain pedal input. Thanks to its Bluetooth wireless connectivity you’ll have fewer cables around your studio setup. As a result, you’ll keep a clean desk. Similarly, this helps too to avoid unwanted USB disconnection and tripping over cables in the middle of a performance.

If you have iOS devices you can set up a truly mobile setup by connecting wirelessly to your devices and on available music apps. This keyboard controller is the portable device that nomad producers have been longing for. You can even pair an LPD8 wireless MIDI pad controller and boost your music production workflow! In conclusion the Akai LPK25 Wireless is a great sounding, compact, and versatile keyboard the gives you the freedom of going anywhere while retaining great performance and flexibility.

Image: Akai