RPM800 Monitor Speakers by Akai

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Akai meticulously engineered the RPM800 monitor speakers: bi-amplified and able to reproduce the most complex of sounds and music. They’re medium reference monitors that experts built and designed in Japan with the home studio or pro music producer in mind. Moreover, they’re a well-balanced pack of monitors, trustworthy, and easy to handle. In general, they provide good and in-detail sound to mix with confidence. And, just for you to know, they made the master with fast kevlar. As a consequence, these monitors provide great agility and handling with a great bass punch.

RPM800 Monitor Speakers: Features

The RPM800 monitor speakers provide a great and accurate frequency response that spans from 38Hz to 30khz. In addition, there’s an integrated Class A/B 120 watt amp that manages the woofer and tweeter with ease. It’s a good design that distributes the amp power in an efficient way and emits minimal distortion. As Akai Profesional states, the power distribution is 80 watts to the woofer; the other 40 go to the tweeter. Furthermore, in the back part of the speakers, you’ll find a rear port for the woofers that helps them deliver great low frequency and definition.

On the back panel, you’ll also find dedicated proximity and EQ tailoring controls with which you can fine-tune the speakers in several environments. Additionally, these speakers also include features like HF Trim, MF Boost, and LF cutoff controls. There are also XLR, balanced TRS, and RCA inputs to which you can connect. These pair monitors has a great set of components that you might never see because they are inside the robust housing of the speakers. In conclusion, these top-grade components will enhance the quality of your sound. In other words, it’ll make the difference in that overall sound output.

Image: Akai