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Comp VCA-65

The Comp VCA-65 is the ultimate drum rhythm section compressor plug-in software recreation with modern features. This plug-in effect is based on the original DBX 165A hardware compressor from the ’70s. This compressor did not use a traditional vacuum tube, it used a solid-state VCA that create the compression effect and by the way, it…
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Sidechaining compression is a very powerful tool that allows the user to control the dynamics of a source. This technique adds space, rhythm, energy, and separation to a mix. In addition, it involves threshold, ratio, attack, and release times. When using sidechain, the user can tell the compressor to monitor and control the level and…
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Sidechain Compression

Sidechain compression, aka ducking, is an audio effect typical in radio, pop, and dance music. In this compression, the presence of an audio signal decreases the level of another audio signal. Radio achieves this effect by lowering the volume of the second audio track when the first one begins to increase the volume or when…
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