Comp VCA-65

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The Comp VCA-65 is the ultimate drum rhythm section compressor plug-in software recreation with modern features. This plug-in effect is based on the original DBX 165A hardware compressor from the ’70s. This compressor did not use a traditional vacuum tube, it used a solid-state VCA that create the compression effect and by the way, it sounded great wich clearly is something that is important. Thanks to Arturia’s TAE modelling technology, you can now use these fantastic software recreations in your favourite DAW and apply them to ass many channels you want and with cutting edge modern features.

Known as the “Over Easy” compressor the Original DBX hardware had several features unlike any other hardware device out there at the time. The 160 and 165A became a must-have for studios that were looking for the right punchy percussive sounds with an added vintage and natural feel when things got hard and extreme. Arturia has recreated all the features and more with the Comp VCA-65, so if you are looking to fin an easy to use compressor that adds great character to your sound, the COMP VCA-65 is the way to go.

Some of the interesting added features in the Comp VCA-65 is the integrated SSL style EQ, which helps you to hone frequencies of your sidechain signal that activate the compressor. Another great feature that is included in this plug-in, is the Time Warp feature that introduces a creative option that will definitely make music producers and sound designers have a blast. The Comp VCA-65 includes a manual override sidechain that is used to trigger a sidechain to see how it reacts and it can also be automated in your DAW to get total control over it without needing an input audio source

Image: Arturia