Delay Eternity

music production knowledge

The Delay Eternity is a creative echo plug-in effect that has been designed and made by Arturia. This plug-in has an exciting and interesting delay effect that has an inspiring array of sounds at your disposal. The Delay Eternity as its name implies can be eternal, it takes something that may be simple and convert it into something that can take your breath away. With this producers tool, you can be ale to make super cool and quirky vocals in a simple and intuitive way, you can create great harmonic drones form any sound source and grasp loops and create something that can be completely new, the possibilities that these plug-in offers are infinite.

Delay Eternity offers a surprisingly creative and versatile array of presets that can excite your sound and are only just a couple of clicks away. There is a huge modulation potential with this plug-in effect, thanks to the multiple delay lines that one can experiment with and no doubt about the texturing machine which can bit crush and filter to shape your sound into something rather interesting. Loop and use it to granulate anything you process through it to get character textures and sounds.

We can say that the Delay Eternity is like the little brother of the prime Arturia software Pigments. It has been developed in the same drawing board as this software and it comes really close to the deep modulation and power that Pigmen has. There are plenty of features that make this plugin interesting like controlling time with its multiple time processing modes, or the interesting creative effects that can let you filter your sound to perfection. Four delay channels are onboard, as well as an integrated EQ, self-modulating power to modulate direct parameters on the delay and the amazing twin LFO’s

Image: Arturia