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Monotron Delay by Korg

If you’re looking for a fantastic little handheld portable and intense analog like echo effects synthesizer, look no further. The Monotron Delay, by Korg, features a Space Delay that’s great fun and interesting for musical exploration. Plus, you can take it everywhere. With batteries, the ribbon controller keyboard is full of features that are simple…
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Mixxin Academy News


UVS-3200 is a software emulation of a legendary and extremely rare Japanese Korg PS-3200: a programable polyphonic synthesizer perfect for your music production journey. It captures the heart and soul of a perfectly restored Korg PS-3200. Experts thoroughly sampled the original hardware with an impressive library of over 220 presets. These, in turn, cover a…
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Physical Modeling Synthesis

Physical modeling synthesis refers to sound synthesis methods in which a mathematical model calculates the waveform of the sound to be produced. This approach also uses a set of equations and algorithms to mimic the physical source of a sound. It uses partial differential equations, as well as the laws of acoustics, to describe the physical structure of a musical instrument. In…
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