Monotron Delay by Korg

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If you’re looking for a fantastic little handheld portable and intense analog like echo effects synthesizer, look no further. The Monotron Delay, by Korg, features a Space Delay that’s great fun and interesting for musical exploration. Plus, you can take it everywhere. With batteries, the ribbon controller keyboard is full of features that are simple to use and inviting to perform. Good sounding delays have been such an essential part of the synthesizer sound—and the space delay onboard this little synth is so hypnotic it will keep you playing for hours.

Monotron Delay: Features

The Monotron Delay also has an analog oscillator, a filter, and an LFO. The cosmic sounding Space Delay even has pitch changes when varying the delay time. This mimicks an analog tape echo with a warm and authentic feel. As a result, you’ll boost your analog sound creations. Additionally, you can select the LFO waveform depending on the waveshapes. Also, you can adjust it independently. Similarly, there’s a trimpot on the back part that you can adjust for shape, direction, and pulse. As you can see, this device is very versatile.

The ribbon controller keyboard has a four-octave range. Furthermore, you can aggressively and dramatically control a pitch: trigger it to give some really impressive sounds. If you’re a DJ and you’d like to add an extra touch to your performance, you won’t go wrong with the Monotron Deyal. The filtering mounted on it comes from the circuitry of the VCF classic MS-10 and MS-20. Therefore, it’s a powerful filter that applies dramatic and exciting tonal changes that really stand out.

Even more so, you can patch the filter by connecting any audio source into the AUX jack input directly before the analog and delay circuit. By doing this, you’ll add tone bending and delay effects on your external sources. The Monotron Delay has a little speaker integrated to its body to share the sound with your friends. In addition, it has a headphone output jack that you can use for practicing or to connect to an amp or other devices.

Image: Korg