music production knowledge

FireCobra is a plug-in that is created by United Plugins and works as an audio intensifier. This plug-in works with all kind of audio to give you the solid accuracy that the digital era can achieve but with a combination of live randomness that the analogue ara gave us. This unit intelligently analyses whatever audio signal you process through it and it makes it sound much better. Its core will give you punchier sounds and general powerful sonic results to make you mix instantly better with practically no time wasted setting it up, just plug it into any audio you would like to enhance, and wait for the magic to happen.

This plug-in will give your audio and intensified yoga class, with the FireCobra algorithms and intelligent analysing technology your general mixes will sound really fantastic with zero time wasted. There is a feature called Smack, and it works by creating a uniquely harmonic distortion, giving your track that authentic analogue sound, that by the way can become much more audible and rich. The unit is CPU friendly meaning that it will not take much performance over your computer even by using it through multiple tracks.

The interface is photorealistic giving you the feeling that you are actually working on a hardware unit. The unit is adaptable to scene sizes and can be scaled down or up depending on your particular needs. It is as simple to use as a tweak from one single knob, to keep in mind that you can go further with your sound but remember not to go overloaded. The audio quality is 64-bit at any sample rata and it requires that you use a Windows or Mac computer.

Image: United Plugins