music production hardware

The Akai MPC ONE is the ultimate hitmaker machine. It is the total music production solution as a standalone setup that will take your music creations and transform them into radio-ready beats. With this compact powerhouse, you will be able to enhance your production workflow in a flawless way. The MPC packs great features into a power punch beat making and programming machine. You will also be able to edit, mix and add instruments FX for a full-on creative experience. Take full control of the music experience and be ready for any music production task, edit trim samples with its touch screen display and express your creative touch with assignable knobs and touch keys.

The MPC ONE is studio ready and lets you integrate it perfectly in your music production or performing workflow. With all its ports and jack you can set up virtually any kind of setup and also be able to transfer and share your music hassle-free. The MPC ONE is ready for pro performance techniques and is armed with tape stop effect and up to 16 levels to play your favourite melodic 808’s plus many more. With the MPC you will get some great software in the form of MPC2 version 2.9, in which you will get multiple MIDI capability to transform you MPC ONE into an ultimate centrepiece.

With the integration of the MPC ONE and the software, you can simultaneously connect and rout all your MIDI geat including a class-compliant USB keyboard, interfaces and USB to CV modules. You can fuse this with deep internal MIDI routing across your tracks, other MIDI routing to MIDI synthesisers, drum machines or any sound module. This device even has the ability to record multitrack making it the heart of your production setup and workflow.

Image: Akai