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Chillstep is a music genre that is found more recently in the last decade. It said to be the little brother of Dubstep, giving they have similar beats and great prolonged bass presence. In dubstep, you might encounter a more repetitive beat that in Chilsetp. Chillstep as the name makes reference too is more about ambient sounds suggesting you relax and enter in a mindful experience. This music genre is sometimes confessed with Hypnogogic pop, which is actually not an actual genre. In the chill step core you will fin ambient inspired tunes and mellow melodies and sounds, this is what chillstep is, music for mindfulness.

Its peak popularity was back in 2012 and 2013 but you could hear it being mentioned back in 2011. Back when youtube was still king of the streaming space, chillstep was definitely peaking at that time. It is a genre that is still listed to widely but doesn’t have the same popularity as it had back at that time. One of the key features or aspects about this genre is that it has to have a low wobbling bass, low bpm and some echoing vocals. When it comes to chillstep you will find yourself identifying two directions, one is more inclined to the energy of dubstep and the other is more inclined to ambient.

In this case, both of the sides that chillstep has you will enrich yourself with heavy bass which we like. It is basically in between 120 and 140 bpm, and very melodic. When it comes to aesthetics you will most certainly find loads of videos on Youtube that have chillstep music in them, and in particular, you will find that they are predominantly grand in space and naturally lonely