Audient EVO 4

music production hardware

If you are looking to get your recording process started right away without having to go through the process of setting up input gains, internal signals an input monitoring, something that might come as second nature to audio engineers but could get tricky for newbies, then the EVO 4 is a right choice. Let’s face the fact that we all just want to get going with the creative part of music, so the EVO 4 does a great job at doing this by simplifying the process and letting you start right away with what you love to do.

Finally, an audio manufacturer has come up with the technology to make this real, and this is Audient. With this audio recording devise you are sure to get cracking right away without compromising sound quality and attention to detail. The interface is pretty straight forward with a two in and two out starter configuration in a super portable housing design. On the top panel, you will find a rotary encoder to control monitor output level and level setting duties with some nice led lighting ring around the knob for visual reference. The main output jacks are on the backside of the interface that also includes a pair of mic line inputs with up to 58dB of gain range, obviously with switchable phantom power and a sample rate of up to 96kHz.

Also on the rear panel, you will find a USB-C socket to connect your computer or iOS device. The software in this little one includes no onscreen mixer or control panel but with all the buttons on the panel, you can encode into different modes depending on what kind of configuration you are looking for. Monitoring setup is flexible and gives you the ability to choose between monitoring only input signal, DAW or to mix both. Its preamps deliver clear and good sound with fantastic definition and with only a few buttons it results in an intuitive, simple and effective interface.

Image: Audient