Audient iD22

music production hardware

The Audient iD22 is a 10 in and 14 out audio interface that is made and designed to give you pro studio sound in your home recording studio. Thanks to what the iD22 packs inside, and part from what high-performance Audient consoles have it can deliver serious sonic processing capabilities in a compact and modern case. The iD22 features a Console Mic Preamp, the same Preamps that come with the ASP8024-HE console, with this design, the audio interface has ultra-low noise and distortion paired to a warm analogue pro-sound.

The Audient Mic Preamp delivers clean and accurate translation of your source thanks to its high-grade hybrid amp and is 30,000 times quieter than the signal lever of what you record. With its 120dB of dynamic range, its class-leading converters will make sure to send audio with clarity to your desktop. Connect instruments through its rich JFET input for some serious sonic foundation for your guitar or bass guitar. The iD22 is packed with digital in and outs to give you more options to add an extra mic pres to expand your rig for larger sessions with your band or mates.

Audient also featured in the iD44 the integration with outboard FX prior to conversion to create signal chains, to track with hardware FX, mix and record external mic press. To plug in guitars or bass guitars you will find two rich and glorious JFET instrument inputs, and to listen to your mixes a set of four line outputs. Record and collaborate with two stereo headphone outputs that by the way also are amped. Connect to up to two sets of speakers with 4 line outputs or work via headphones using an independent headphone amp. Easily connect the iD22 with USB A to A cable to connect to any MAC or PC.

Image: Audient