IK iRig 2

music production hardware

One of the most popular guitar interfaces out there just got better. Today we will present to you the new IK iRig 2 guitar interface made and design to use on iOS devices and Mac. If you are not familiar with the first version of the iRig, it is an analogue device that allows you to plug in your guitar and connect it to your mobile device to play and record on great apps such as IK’s AmpliTube and Garageband. The iRig 2 brings cool new features like cross-platform compatibility, adjustable input gain and a 1/4″ amp output.

The all-in-one IK iRig 2

The iRig 2 is very simple to use. It’s plug-and-play ready for almost any situation, making it super versatile and easy to set up anywhere you go. This marks a change from the iRig, which didn’t allow to choose the input gain level from the plugged instrument. In contrast, the IK iRig 2’s input gain dial ensures you get the right power and sound quality for every situation. With its 1/4″ input jack, you can plug in basically any instrument that fits the jack size. They don’t call it the Swiss army knife of sound for nothing.

The IK iRig 2 can be connected to an amplifier and processed with AmpliTube, yielding a great sound. So, next time you get together with your friends for a practice session, at the recording studio or a live performance, remember to use this helpful tool. It will let you process a vast array of sound effects and processors, with which you can get a superior and creative sound. Furthermore, its ergonomic size ensures you have a device that can almost fit in your pocket.

Image: IK Multimedia