Elementi 2Da by Mazzieri

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The Elementi 2Da 2″ series panels by Mazzieri are professional grade acoustic diffusers and absorbers. Their design suits an acoustic design for your music production studio. To this end, they can make acoustic corrections for a smooth decay time on low and high frequencies. This is accompanied by the absorption necessary to flatten the frequency response. They are composed of rigid mineral wool material, with a piece of fabric, and a plate made specifically for one-dimensional scattering diffusion. Additionally, they come in different sizes and colors.

The Elementi 2Da are mathematically silent

Micromesh is used to enclose all panels and come with several color options to match your studio style. All of these diffusion and absorption panels are made with 100% eco-friendly, formaldehyde-free, recycled materials. The mineral wool of the 2Da has a density of 96kg/m³. Therefore, they are twice as efficient as a sound absorbant than similar mineral wool-based products. The faceplate design has a mathematically built sequence of grooves. Consequently, it provides a spatial diffusion that allows the low-frequency waves to penetrate through the mineral foil, helping with absorption.

The Elementi 2Da Diffusor and Absorber 2″ comes in square, narrow and rectangle sizes. Their respective dimensions are 60cm x 60cm, 30cm x 20cm, and 60cm x 120cm. It comes on sets of two or four panels. You can install the panels in front and rear walls to create a living room with better-mixed reverb. Additionally, you can mount them on sidewalls, or behind monitor speakers for a sharp reflection. Alternatively they can be placed in corners to use as a bass trap. As a reference, a 4 square, or narrow panel, covers 1.44 square meters. Finally, Mazzieri offers different plate and fabric colours to fit in different architectural styles and designs. All in all, the Elementi 2Da by Mazzieri offer some of the best acoustic-panels around.

Image: Mazzieri Acoustic Designs.