Nektar Aura

Nektar Aura is an effective beat creation and execution instrument. This MIDI pad Controller has 16 hyper-sensitive RGB lit up cushions, an onboard step sequencer, an adaptable cushion rehash motor and extraordinary plugin control. Aura brings an energizing drum-machine-style workflow to any DAW or outside MIDI setup. Play grooves on AURA’s 16 hyper-sensitive speed- and aftertouch-sensitive cushions. Juice up your exhibitions with instruments like Cushion Rehash and record it all in your DAW. Program beats straightforwardly on the equipment with AURA’s step sequencer, counting imaginative real-time parameter tweaking. No computer required: The sequencer can too be utilized with outside MIDI equip.

Construct packs utilizing VST®, VST3® or AU™ instrument- and FX plugins. Control them from Aura with full criticism on the show. Maps for numerous prevalent plugins are included and the realistic outline editor makes it simple to make your claim. Select and stack plugins or patches from AURA’s fix browser with Nektarine’s effective database keeping your sounds organized and making them right away available. The pads on this MIDI Pad Controller are moreover exceedingly customizable: Change pad affectability to your needs and playing fashion by choosing one of 4 distinctive speed bends with flexible predisposition parameters. Pad weight is assignable to Aftertouch, Pitch Twist or other MIDI CCs. And you’ll be able not as it was set a dedicated MIDI channel for each cushion, you’ll indeed course the MIDI In a note to a diverse MIDI note.

On-board Pad Repeat motor is straightforwardly available, advertising a devoted on/off button and settings menu. Utilize Rehash to form rolls or other percussive lines, that would be difficult to play by hand. The rehash settings are profoundly customizable with real-time parameters for groove and speed control – all right beneath your fingertips on AURA’s 8 potentiometers. Of course, you’ll stack an instrument plugin onto a track in your DAW and play it right away – but the fun truly starts after you make you possess units & sounds by combining numerous plugins with the assistance of Nektarine: Make units with up to 16 distinctive instrument plugins, 64 embed FX-plugins and an extra 4 send FX. All of this is on one track in your DAW. And we are talking any VST, VST3 or AU plugin here – counting add up to review for your unit.

Image: Nektar