music production hardware

The UF8 by the Oxford-based brand SSL is a supreme mixing controller that is made and designed to be used in multiple Digital Audio Workstations. There are more than 40 years of experiences put into the creation of this vivid controller that is also accompanied by Solid State Logic 360-degree Software. It is a premium8 motorised channel controller that features touch-sensitive faders and rotary encoders, that emit hi-res colour displays that will let you navigate in your favourite DAW. There is an emulated mouse encoder that will let you scroll on any parameter you scroll upon.

The UF8 has 43 43 assignable backlit user keys that will help you to set up shortcuts. The controller offers preloaded workflow templates that are designed specifically for popular DAWs, making it easy for you to set up your workflow configuration if you don’t want to spend the time configuring your own. Some of the DAWs that are supported are Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Nuendo, Cubase, Studio One and Ableton Live. If you have a big project in hand you can link up to 4 UF8 controllers to form a 32 channel controller. On the rear panel of the UF8, you will find USB-C connectivity for computers, TRS inputs for footswitch connections, a USB-A port to connect between more UF8s and a socket for you to connect the external supply of the controller.

The preloaded SSL360 software will let you load profiles with cross-platform compatibility and it will also manage the firmware updates for the controller. This controller is designed for producers, mixers and creators that need the tools for today’s mixing workflow configurations and creativity. It is specialized in keeping you on the creative side by making it simple yet powerful at the same time.

Image: SSL