Balancing Channels

music production knowledge

Balancing Channels by Ultimate Producer is training software that will make you improve your ability to balance a mix. With Balancing Channels you will be able to learn how to balance channels to perfection with this impressive Interface that is designed to be used as a game. In the interface, you will find 12 songs to mix that will go through several genres that go from House, Hip Hop, Rock and Pop. This software is a great way to improve your mix balancing abilities in a smart and fun way.

The staring session will start with a random set of balance and your task is to adjust the faders of the mix to get what you think is a balanced mix. This unique balance of yours will be processed and then scored out of 100, depending on how much the track was approached to what the optimum is. If the level is not passed, you will be able to preview the optimum example mix to try to match it. If after trying several times you are not getting passed by the minimum score you will get mode optional guidance on how to improve your overall balance.

To create a pro-sounding mix, before you reach out to EQ and compressors you should ensure the volume of each element that composes your mix and try to balance them correctly. It is a normal practice to skip this step but it is crucial to get a correct balance before entering into plug-in situations that can become inefficient. Balancing Channels on Ultimate Producer is a great way to enhance these skills that become so important in music production. The minimum requirements are a browser, either Firefox, Safari or Chrome a stable internet connection and an ultimate producer account. It is recommended to have a set of monitors or headphones for optimal reference.

Image: Ultimate Producer