Transfuser 2

music production knowledge

Transfuser 2 by Air Music Tech is a melodic and rhythmic groove instruments plug-in, that has been designed and created to inspire you to compose music with its various production tools and features. The plug-in has the ability to create chords, melodies, grooves and variations with a special feature that analyses your track. Transfuser 2 has a dynamic audio/MIDI environment that is great for controlling, cutting, and remixing your loops and sounds into something totally unused. With an arrangement of real-time controls, Transfuser 2 lets you make and change grooves, chop up beats and phrases, time-stretch sounds, re-pitch notes, randomize sequences, and much more, all of this in a, particularly user-friendly interface.

The plug-in comes with a carefully selected drum and instrument library that incorporates 3,200+ loops and 1200+ drum machine samples that can be triggered right away. Transfuser 2 offers an array of imaginative modules that will motivate you to make music in ways you never thought conceivable. Utilize the Sequencer module to change the groove of a drum loop, change notes in phrases, store patterns, change the sequence speeds and much more. There is a Poly Sequencer and Chord Sequencer that sends monophonic and polyphonic MIDI information, separately, to any of Transfuser 2’s synthesizer module. Use the Synth module to adjust your sounds and shape the sound frequency, speed, channel, attack, and decay. Transfuser 2 can control a single loop or sound file, or apply its effects to a bunch of fantastic sounds.

Some of the great features include Transfuser 2 for example are the M.A.R.I.O. feature, which stands for Musically Advanced Random Intelligence Operations, and it is an effective apparatus that analyzes your music intelligently to produce chords, tunes, and varieties that complement your track. With effects, instruments and more, Transfuser 2’s offers consistent equipment integration, and its module and parameter controls, Smart Knobs, Trigger Pads, four-octave keyboard, and crossfader are totally mappable.

Image: Air Music Tech