ToneSpot Acoustic Pro


TonseSpot Acoustic Pro by Audified is a pro-grade tone hunter plug-in for your acoustics. The plug-in is designed to improve the tone of stringed acoustic instruments, some of which can be violins, cellos, guitars, pianos, mandolins and banjos. The plug-in is designed to give you a solution for all your tones, fitting around genres with modern sounds and classic ones too. Some of the main features that are included in ToneSpot Acoustic Pro are mixing tricks and creative effects with instrument processing, with great power and flexibility. The plug-in is set on the analysis of thousands of classic records, so you will be sure to get real pro improvements.

Acoustic instruments can take a great time in preparing and processing, even if a common tone is required. Acoustic Instruments can battle against the active course of action with a few layers of clashing into each other. If you are looking for a cut in tone, the tone must be pleasingly rich and fat sounding, but it moreover should have a part of clarity and tightness at the same time. On the other side, the instrument is intensely prepared, it moreover has got to be exceptionally characteristic sounding at a few pointers so everybody knows what instrument is played and that where the plug-in kicks in.

Generally, it’s not sufficient to run the acoustic instrument through a preamp or DI-box to urge the guidelines we are hearing on today’s records. This means you will require a ton of surgical plugins, a ton of impacts, recreation plugins that eat a noteworthy parcel of CPU usage. ToneSpot Acoustic Pro has a simple solution to this with great features and all the tricks to get it right. As we all know, having great quality music is not enough for today’s standards, now you need a great sound.

Image: Audified