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Blackhole by Eventide is an innovative extraterrestrial reverb plug-in that has just been released and is set to break the rules by giving you the power to create virtual spaces that would be out of this world. The plug-in is also capable of creating subtle musical effects that you could find useful in your music productions to highlight some instruments or perhaps to set a backdrop for your entire mix. Blackhole reverb breaks out from your typical reverb plug-in by making instruments shine in a particularly harmonical way adding qualities that are special even to vocals.

This plug-in can make your tracks creative and space warping but can also generate subtle effects that you can find useful to add to specific sections of your mix. With it, you can create an inspiring sound that with the help of its intuitive controls you can achieve incredible sound without over complicating yourself with extensive modulation and tweaking. Blackhole is ready to take on your tracks and create prime sonic expressions with a simple and user-friendly interface. The plug-in has been enhanced from its origins back when it lived in the rackmount DSP4000, now in the form of a plug-in, Blackhole is perfected and can create galactic sound on any instrument directly from your DAW.

Included with the plug-in you will find apart from extensive control capabilities to create your signature sound, a curated set of 50 presets that can serve as a platform pad for exploration. These prests cover spaces as small as a room and as huge as space itself. Head on to the Eventide website to find out the complete list of presets onboard Blackhole. Keep in mind that you will need a PC with Windows 8 or later or a Mac with OS 10.9 or later.

Image: Eventide