Songtradr is a sync licensing online platform as well as a music distribution company where artists can upload unlimited music for a previously set fee. Songtradr is a great alternative for independent artists who are looking for licensing and sync options. Songtradr helps musicians distribute their music to stores as they submit their musical masterpieces for placement. 

Songtradr has an amazing staff of qualified professionals from different backgrounds. It includes a group of people that aim to revolutionize the process of exchanging music rights as they offer the best value for the creative classes. The Songtradr online platform empowers independent artists and songwriters as it offers useful tools and services to boost their music careers.

Songtradr is a great choice for all types of musicians, including independent artists, bands, producers, and buyers. The platform is easy-to-use, fast, and accurate. This music licensing platform allows independent artists to focus on their most important task and create music while they receive a fair income.

Soundtradr offers a public profile page that helps artists interact directly with their fanbase and receive feedback. It offers a notification system that allows users to monitor their performances as well as the number of fans that are listening to their music and their exact location. This sync licensing online platform allows fans to support artists. The Songtradr Pro plan allows users to keep 100% of their revenue, the possibility to upload music endlessly, and have their own streaming interface and profile. 

Songtradr is capable of managing multiple artists at the same time, it helps musicians upload endless music content, as well as the possibility of submitting their creations for inclusion in movies and TV shows. The downsides? Soundtradr doesn’t offer publishing administration, it does not provide a cover song licensing service, and it has several payment issues.