ADSR is an online music production platform that offers a broad collection of courses that cover many music production genres. A different instructor teaches each program, and every one does so with a carefully selected educational style. Tutors are world-renown producers who intend to provide high-quality education to aspiring producers. 

This online music production platform is especially for producers who are giving their first steps into the music industry. Plus, the profile is of those who are eager to gain experience. All students improve their music production skills in a cost-effective manner. 

ADSR: the Courses

ADSR provides endless course options to suit every need. It features amazing courses updated on a regular basis. In addition, presenters are professional producers—popular worldwide. Courses range from mixing and mastering to music theory, and everything in between. Programs feature endless music genres: ambient, bass house, bass techno, cinematic, deep house, dub techno, dubstep, EDM, electro house, future bass, future house, future RnB, FX, hip hop, lo-fi, Melbourne bounce, neuro bass, OVO, pop, progressive house, tech house, techno, trance, trap, tropical house, as well as vocal house.

ADSR: the Subscription

This subscription service allows members to have unlimited access to streamed video content by enrolling in one of three modalities: monthly, annually, or quarterly. Given that the music production business is a fast-growing industry, this online platform allows users to learn at their own pace with on-demand unlimited access. ADSR offers amazing strategies to master the latest production tools and techniques. All members learn and discover new skills as they carve their own path towards success.


In conclusion, ADSR offers high-quality music production education so that users achieve their highest standards. In other words, by enrolling, potential artists can discover their own sense of self as they enjoy their learning experience and they practice new skills. This platform helps future producers give their first steps into their music production career.