California Institute of the Arts

California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) is a private art university located in Santa Clarita, California. This internationally renowned school features the Herb Alpert School of Music which offers high-quality education within the field.

Overall, the CalArts School of Music provides students with the best education so that they can acquire musical fluency and become successful artists. It empowers each potential musician to create astonishing masterpieces as they become complete makers of music. Particularly, staff and faculty include world-class musical innovators. These people are eager to teach an open approach to musical creativity. By enrolling, students will learn from experienced mentors and tutors who will guide them along their musical journey.

California Institute of the Arts: the Programs

The California Institute of the Arts offers several specialized music programs. For example, there are music technology, composition and experimental sound practices, musical arts / experimental pop, world music performance, instrumental arts, performer-composer, jazz, music, and voice arts. Here’s an explanation.

Firstly, the music technology specialization allows students to build strong traditional and contemporary musical skills. The reason is that it enables them to become experts in creating sonic and multimedia art with the highest technology. Secondly, the composition and experimental sound practices program helps students develop their artistic voices while mastering different theories, techniques, and creative tools. Thirdly, the musical arts / experimental pop course helps students create their unique musical path. In fourth place, the world music performance program offers education regarding different music styles and influences.

Furthermore, the instrumental arts course prepares potential artists to become talented music performers. In sixth place, the performer-composer program allows students to integrate composition and performance into their musical pathway. Moving on, the jazz program assists students in becoming highly versatile performers, composers, and improvisers. Second to last, the music course is for those unique human beings who are eager to express their inner artist. Last but not least, the voice arts specialization is for potential artists who want to express and perfect their skills in regards to their artistic voice as well as their vocal mechanism.


The Herb Alpert School of Music at the California Institute of the Arts offers an amazing education. Be sure to check it out!