Arturia iProphet

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The Arturia iProphet is the reincarnation of the famous and classic Prophet VS from the 80s in a powerful software made for the iPod. The legendary synthesizer used by many outstanding musicians back in the day created amazing sounds with this instrument, today you can revive the sounds with the iPad version. Use it to create intense leads, effects and deep pads, the Prophet by Arturia is much more than a simple app. Take it everywhere you go and nourish your music production journey with all the original sounds from the Prophet VS plus more than 500 sounds that Arturia have added by great modern musicians.

The iProphet is versatile and easy huck up with coreMIDI plug and play. You can share your creations with the world bu connecting it to iTunes. Send information through its AudioBus and with inter-app audio connectivity, letting you connect to other iOS apps to record in your favourite DAW. Choosing from the vast catalogue of waveforms, adjusting your pitch and processing through one of its four oscillators will get you kickstarted in the great sounds the Prophet made its self fame. It has four filter modes; Low pass filter, Band pass filter, High pass filter and a Band reject. You will also be able to take advantage of a Vector Joystick giving you the possibility to edit the parameters of the vector envelope in detail. The Modulation matrix will late you route control sources, creating complex modulations and more.

Tabletop is an app that lets you create your own personal a portable studio. With this free app, you can integrate iProphet and other apps to make a complete and organized studio, letting you record your play in realtime, automate parameters and add effects. The Tabletop app also offers in-app purchase letting you add more instruments and effects to your mini studio making it powerful and portable.

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