Arturia iSem

Music Production Knowledge

In the 70s Tom Oberheim was a talented effects maker. He founded his company named Oberheim Electronics where he designed two major effects that were very popular in the USA at that time, the Phase Shifter and the Ring Modulator. Tom joined forces to create and design the famous Expander Module (SEM) with the help of Dave Rossum, making its debut in the Audio Engineering Society Convention in L.A back in 1974. It became a success and gained popularity for its innovative sounds and multimode filter.

This classic synth has been re-imagined by Arturia with its iSEM software for iPad 2 and OS 6.0 or later. All original parameters of the classic Oberheim SEM are included plus other goodies. You will find two oscillators, with the sawtooth waveform and a variable pulse wave to enhance with sine wave LFO and two ADS envelope generators. Arturia also added an extra LFO, a noise generator, a sub-oscillator, portamento, an arpeggiator, and the great modulation matrix module. The Arturia iSem also has an 8 voice programmer module with variable playback modes and more than 500 sounds to get creative on your music production venture.

With the Mod Matrix, you will be able to design or create your own custom signal flows by sending up to 8 source signals to 25 destinations. Another great feature is that the app is Core MIDI compatible, this means that you can assign knobs to your controller keyboard which is a great feature if you want to take the feel of the knob instead of tweaking the screen. It is a great analogue sounding synth that will definitely take you back to the SEM times back in the ’70s all this with some great extras that Arturia has added to make it stand out from the rest of the similar software out there.

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