Arturia iMini

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The Arturia iMini is a software recreation of the iconic and classic monosynth which was developed by Dr Bob Moog himself back in the 70s. The original monosynth was a 3-1/2 octave keyboard designed to be a portable in comparison to other modular systems at the time. During that time it became really popular with bands at the time such as Depeche Mode, Steve Wonder, Jean Michel Jerre and Kraftwerk. It was and still is famous for its signature bass and lead sounds that it reproduces making it extra special. Later Arturia teamed up with Dr Bob Moog and realises the first software emulation in 2004. There have been several attempts at reproducing its original sound but only has Arturia made it possible thanks to their TAE analogue modelling technology.

This reborn music production classic is brought to us to use on the iPad iOS platform with superior sound quality that simulates analogue sounds in a true to life experience. iMini’s interface is like the original panel and also includes a viewable keyboard making it easy to set scales, octaves and other parameters. It has access to a multifunction arpeggiator with two assignable XY pads, as well as a high-quality chorus and analogue delay effects. It comes packed with more than 500 sounds that you can import from mini V software to let your creativity thrive.

The iMini is capable of connecting to other apps to control it from other apps or it can send output to recording apps as well. It also has full MIDI mapping capabilities and supports WIST sync to sync it to other iOS devices. There is another application that can greatly boost the experience of The Tabletop. With this app, you can integrate iMini with drum machines, sequencers and mixers allowing you to compose a complete song. When finished you can export it as .wav or directly to Soundcloud. iMini also supports CoreMIDI using the apple camera connection allowing you to use it with your controller.

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