Darklight by UVI


Darklight by UVI

With a price tag of over $100,000, the dream machine of the ‘80s was unreachable by most. Utilized by endless conspicuous specialists and artists counting Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Jean Michel Jarre, Thomas Dolby and numerous others, it remains a profoundly respected and looked for after instrument. Enduring a fit of sentimentality as UVI frequently does with retro hardware, they have chosen to set around making an unused instrument propelled by this amazing studio symbol and after all, they finished up making three: an advanced synth, a digital drum machine, and a multi-phraser.

Each instrument with its claim special characteristics and identity, suited for diverse assignments, all with the crude, lo-fi character of the first machine. The result is great fun and adaptable set of instruments that gives modern life to classic sounds and pushes these ancient voices into the unused sonic regions. Get access to hundreds of sounds and instruments counting: Bass, Brass, Chimes, Strings, Guitars, Synth, Drums, Percussion, FX, Keys, Piano, Winds, Reeds and Voices. Efficient and flexible control set permits for everything from fast changes to the profound sonic investigation. Appreciate exact generation of the initial hardware’s aliasing characteristics over 250+ ready-to-play presets. A large number of effects, counting Sparkverb, permit you to make sounds from your favourite cult records from the ’80s or something completely unused.

Let Darklight control your beat section as an ’80s-style beatbox with a built-in retro step sequencer. Including hundreds of true vintage drum and percussion sounds in one put. Incorporates 250+ sounds and 25 ready-to-play arrangements that bring out unadulterated ’80s wistfulness. Utilize the per-instrument channels to shape your pack or draw from the included UVI impacts to convert it. A fun and inventive bend on the computerized sampling workstation, construct and layer sounds to make your claim loops and movements with an unmistakable old-school advanced flavour. Over 100 sounds are accessible over 3 parts each with its own included sequencer path. Make unique tunes, loops, expressions, drones and more, all with that true vintage digital nibble.

Image: UVI