Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959

There’s maybe no other amplifier more crucial to the history of shake & roll than the Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959. We took Marshall’s claim museum-piece Plexi (a perfect show from 1967) beneath greatly cautious security and supervision and modelled each and each component to create the foremost finished, nitty-gritty program adaptation imaginable. At any setting, it reacts precisely just like the equipment, and it’s delicate to your playing fashion like you wouldn’t accept. In expansion to the amp itself, the plug-in gives a total setup and workflow for getting mix-ready sounds. Three diverse mouthpiece combos – FET, Valve, and Energetic – were recorded by Platt at Kore Studios in London, and the comes about can be mixed and changed within the sideboard of the plug-in.

Each amplifier has its possess volume and skillet settings, fair as you’d anticipate working in a top-class studio, so you’ll mix your own perfect sound right there within the plug-in. This can be more than fair an amp sim. It’s a total workflow for an astonishing mix-ready guitar tone. Two channels, a lead and a beat, each with both tall and moo pick up inputs, can be combined (or ‘jumped’) for a wide range of sounds. Go from a warm, dirty twang right up to a burning crying shake god solo shout, and never let The Man stand in your way. Angus Youthful played one in AC/DC. Jimmy Page played one in Led Zeppelin. Graham Coxon, Johnny Ramone, John Frusciante, Slash. The flexibility of 1959 (‘1959’, by the way, being a demonstrate number instead of a generation year), and the ease with which it produces phenomenal pleasingly wealthy sounds, characterized a class and a development.

Plexi Super Lead 1959 comes with modules that are complete coordinates into the Amp Room environment and sound precisely the same as the local adaptation of the plug-in. In case you as of now possess Amp Room, you certainly require this amp. Amp Room is the professional sound guitar and bass stage, planned with sound quality as beat need. It’s rather like having a genuine intensifier with a miked-up speaker cabinet in a high-end studio – with the included comfort of more alternatives to patch in any kind of studio apparatus you wish anyplace within the chain.

Image: Softube