OVox Vocal ReSynthesis

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The OVox Vocal ReSynthesis will Change your vocal preparations with the next-generation voice-controlled synth and vocal effects processor. Make a boundless palette of vocal morphing, tuning, harmonizing, vocoder & talkbox effects and past, with profundity, clarity, and natural control. Accessible as a plugin or standalone app. Producers, mixers, lyricists: Say farewell to boring vocals. OVox gives you a phenomenal menu of vocal amalgamation and reshaping choices, from the Foolish Punk-style vocoder sounds you know and adore, to innovative vocal effects as perpetual as your inventiveness.

OVox is fueled by Waves Natural ReSynthesis innovation to provide its unmatched vocal amalgamation sound quality. ORS takes the initial vocal signal and breaks it down to its centre ‘DNA’ elements amplitude, pitch, and formant. It then re-synthesizes these components to make the modern vocal sound, which is free of undesirable artefacts and jam the expressiveness of the first vocal. OVox is instant: no routing required. Essentially embed it as a plugin or fire it up as a standalone app – sing, murmur, talk or beatbox into it, and listen to the enchantment happen. MIDI control is discretionary. You’ll utilize OVox with a console or MIDI controller, or with any instrument (for example a guitar) as the ‘carrier.’ Otherwise, you can basically utilize your voice (or a recorded vocal track) to trigger programmed chords, harmonies or scales, utilizing OVox’s programmed Note Mapper.

With MIDI Out it will let you play any virtual instrument whether by Waves or other manufacturers utilizing your voice, in genuine time. You’ll sing or murmur songs; OVox will change over your voice to MIDI, at that point send the MIDI out to the other instrument. You’ll moreover utilize the Note Mapper to quantize your MIDI to scale or create hundreds of chord movements effortlessly. You’ll be able indeed to course the other instrument as a carrier back to OVox, and utilize OVox’s formant channel to tweak the other instrument.

Image: Waves Audio