Front DAW

music production knowledge

Front DAW by United Plugins is a variable analogue random modeller plug-in that can turn your DAW into an analogue console. The technology is called VARM that stands for Variable Analogue Random Modeler and is based on analogue gear and all its sweetness and warmth. This plug-in is ready to give your tracks the real analogue input it needs but with the clarity and accuracy of today’s digital world. The randomness that the VARM technology applies, has a subtle difference with the value of electrical parts, just how it would be with electrical units and a real console.

This plugin has three separate saturation types BR, US and GE which happen to be different types of analogue circuitry you can have the pleasure of choosing onboard Front DAW. BR stands for British, and with this button, you will get classic fat British consoles. US stands for the United States, and by pressing this button you will get legendary American punchy style input, and with GE, wonderful and colourful vintage German tube console sound.

There is a special knob called Mojo, and with this knob, you will have the chance to decide the amount of saturation you want to add to your track. It is a subtle effect because the intention of Front DAw is for you to use it on several tracks at the same time, but don’t worry because the plug-in is CPU friendly, meaning you can load your tracks without overheating your computer. There is no need for special locks or activations needed to use the software, all you need is to enter your user making it easy to use on all your computers.

The interface resembles analogue hardware and does feel like one. The audio quality is 64-bit on any sample rate.

Image: United Plugins